Mission Statement

Hello Friends,

This effort is dedicated to championing the vision for development and enjoyment of a 1,600 km Slí [slee – as gaeilge (in Irish)] or walking trail along Ireland’s beautiful Western Atlantic coast. The Slí as proposed will extend from Bantry Bay in the South to Derry City in the North. 1,400 km of this trail already exists in 15 disjoint National Waymarked trails – https://www.irishtrails.ie/National_Waymarked_Trails/. The trails marked in red on the map following are in place. The trails marked in black will complete the Slí and represent the vision of this effort.

sli map

Our aim is to join the disjoint red sections into a single coherent bucket-list event Slí /Camino/AT type walking trail.  The Slí will in places parallel the Wild Atlantic Way (WAW). However Slí is a walking trail unlike the WAW which is only for motor cars.

The full name of the proposed way is Slí na bhFarraige in Gaelic and translated as Ocean Journey or the Way of the Sea in English.  The symbol of the trail will be a green Celtic cross.   The trail will traverse areas of outstanding natural beauty and historical significance but will always be within the range of towns and villages for amenities.

The scope and magnitude of this trail is a new concept for Ireland but with successful precedents worldwide. We will try to answer all relevant questions regarding the trail as best we can.

Patrick Fitzgerald

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